Tuesday, July 12, 2016

JuJube from our 2012 litter checks in from the Boston area

JuJube 's family sent some  photos to celebrate the 4th birthday of our 2012 litter.  She is reported to be a very smart, loving girl who really enjoys dock diving and sharing her very lovely head shots!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Kaiser from our 2007 litter enjoying the snow in their area last week

Kaiser moved to Ontario several years ago but it seems we may get to see him and his family this summer!  Thank you owners for sharing this great time in the spring snow.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Goodbye wonderful Ruckus

    It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to Wired Haired V Ruckus on Monday. Ruckus was Zöldmáli Bikfic NAVHDA NA, born April 1, 2004. He had had radiation therapy for a brain tumour last year and had been doing well in the last month regaining his mobility and zest for life. Unfortunately he was struck down last Friday with loss of balance and spasms and an MRI on Monday showed multiple affected brain sites.

     Ruckus was the second WHV I worked with in the show ring and watched as his loving owner trained and worked her first field worked dog to his NAVHDA NA. I met him at about 6 months of age and remained close to him until the end. 

    Ruckus was a fighter in his drive to live. He was funny and loving, and an outstanding companion for his family. He was my Grandma's boy, and I loved him so. 

    Rest our dear one. You are so missed

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rufus from our 2004 litter

Rufus from our 2004 litter meeting a lovely lab pup on a recent walk.   

Rufus sporting sun glasses. Spring has really sprung!

Rufus lives in a sheltered area along Lake Erie; what a lucky fellow!

Photos are supplied by his owners. Thank you!

Angus and his animal family

Angus from our 2012 litter and his recently adopted 'sister' Mabel who is just 1 year old. Their lovely cat joins the group for a great family photo. 

Thank you owners for allowing us to  use this photo!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Nando, 2004 litter

We lost our dear Nando, Blackbullet Varazs Braveheart, to cancer. Nando lived in the mountains of BC. He had a wonderful family who are missing him so much.  Here are a few photos of our dearest boy. 

 Nando with his mother Amber in 2008

 Nando came for a visit while we had a litter of pups..he was so good with the pups. This is Kaiser from our 2007 litter..

 Nando and his sister Jewel above in 2006

 Nando and his sister Jewel in 2008 

Below - Nando and Rory who came to visit when Nando was visiting too. They were so good together.

Nando lived a wonderful life filled with love and great experiences.  As with all great friends and family members, it is a terrible loss for all who  knew our Nando boy to have to see him taken by cancer. 

I can remember the moment I handed him over to his family...such a wonderful pup for a wonderful family. It is so hard to understand that he has gone from this earth. 

Amy, 2004 litter, is a very good singer

I can't get enough of hearing her voice. Thank you owners so much for sending this to us!


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